Vintage Minto

  • The $38,000 home

    What would you buy for $38,000? A home? The Garden Home belonged in a picturesque cluster around neighbourhood green spaces and had everything a modern homeowner would want – including one iconic luxury no house in the 70's was caught without...

  • The Ranchwood

    This striking mid-century design might have been inspired by California homes, but it is still making a statement in neighbourhoods throughout Ottawa. Only 32 of these semi-detached bungalows were built — have you seen one?

  • Anatomy of a plan: The Alpine

    Arguably, one of the most iconic home designs in Canada, this award winning Minto plan inspired home building well into the 1970s.

  • Trademarks of Design: The Minto Blank Wall

    One notable design trend in homes of the 60s and 70s was the blank wall. This modern touch played with decorative brick patterns and large windows. Blank walls often hid the front door, which brought a sense of intrigue to homes of the era.

  • Minto Side Split Designs

    Side split homes made their mark as iconic mid-century designs in North America, and these visually striking designs remain as popular now as they were almost 60 years ago.

  • Canada's Most Honoured Builder

    Minto has been honoured with numerous awards throughout the years, from our townhomes and modest bungalow designs to unusual plans with unique façades and features.

  • Minto's Moderately Priced Bungalows

    During the 50s and 60s, Minto's most popular home design was the bungalow. Economical, practical, and low-maintenance, these homes were perfect for homeowners looking to live outside the city.

  • Minto in the 1970s

    From wooden accents and earth tones to wall-to-wall carpet and asymmetrical exteriors, Minto homes in the 70s captured the daring spirit of the decade.

  • Standard Features and Trends

    Standard features and upgrades in Minto homes have come a long way since 1959. From Formica countertops and wood-panelled recreation rooms to carports, Minto homes have had it all.

  • Minto's Centre Hall Plans

    A staple in home plans dating back to the 18th century, Minto put its own spin on the centre hall design during the 1960s and 1970s.